Should I Become a Vet?

Wondering if Veterinary Medicine is the right subject for you? We're here to help!

Should I Become a Vet - Academics

Veterinary Medicine is an academically challenging course, and so the grade requirements are high to get into vet school. If you have an interest in the science subjects and receive good grades in them at school, then this bodes well for your application! That said, some vets are not such 'natural' scientists but study hard to achieve their goals - if you're finding your studies difficult but really want to become a vet, don't let yourself be put off and keep trying your best.

Should I Become a Vet - Personality

Becoming a vet requires a certain personality type, that's for sure! Remember that you'll be working with people in this job just as much as animals, so good communication skills are essential. You'll also need to be resilient as it is both a challenging course and career, with many highs and lows. To be a good vet, you'll have to be readily adaptable to new circumstances and really practice thinking on your feet!

Should I Become A Vet - Animals

It goes without saying that a love of animal is essential in this career - of course, a job as a vet in clinical practice guarantees you a lifetime of seeing a huge variety of animals daily!

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