Why I Want To Be A Veterinarian

Identifying your motivation for applying to study Veterinary Medicine is crucial to your success. Everyone has a different story, but we have described here some common reasons why people choose to be a veterinarian.

Why I Want To Be A Veterinarian - Helping Animals

By definition, your job as a veterinarian will involve preventing, diagnosing and treating disease in animals. Your role is to reduce animal suffering, which makes this a highly rewarding career.

Why I Want To Be A Veterinarian - It's Never Boring!

Far from a standard office job, no two days will be the same as a vet - you'll treat everything from routine illnesses to emergencies and be performing surgeries too. It's fast paced and full of excitement!

Why I Want To Be A Veterinarian - Problem Solving

Every diagnostic challenge is like solving a puzzle - if problem solving is something that interests you, then becoming a veterinarian will suit you well.

Why I Want To Be A Veterinarian - Community

As a vet, you'll have a lot of interaction with members of the public - for those of us who enjoy the company of other and have good communication skills, this is ideal.

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