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Vet School Personal Statement Guide

Please find the 10 part Ultimate Personal Statement Guide below. Chapters 1 & 2 are free, please purchase the Ultimate or Personal Statement Package for access to chapters  3-10. 


#1 Overview - The Veterinary Medicine Personal Statement

This guide has been created specifically for veterinary medicine applicants by a group of expert veterinary medicine admission specialists. Your Veterinary Personal Statement will be carefully analysed and critiqued by our Admissions Specialists who sit/have sat on Medical University Interview Panels, and you will receive tailored & bespoke feedback to improve your veterinary personal statement. Please read it carefully, and remember to ask us for help should you need anything!

The veterinary medicine personal statement is one of the most crucial aspects of your university application; it provides each candidate with the opportunity to impress and intrigue the university interview panel and stand out as a unique individual. Without an interesting veterinary personal statement, you will not be given an interview, and therefore no chance of successfully being offered a place at veterinary school. Remember to check the veterinary medicine personal statement examples that we have on the website, here you can find vet school personal statement examples that will help you build the perfect personal statement. Whilst each statement must be personal, as the name suggests, we have dedicated this section to decoding what universities are impressed and unimpressed by, how to stand out amongst thousands of applicants, and how to have the best chance of securing an interview.


Remember, we are here to help! Our Ultimate Package offers you unlimited reviews and edits of your Veterinary Medicine Personal Statement.


#2 Basics - The Veterinary Personal Statement


  • You are limited to 4000 characters and 47 lines of writing. This means your statement needs to be sharp, concise and engaging from the start.

  • Do NOT copy, steal or plagiarise any other veterinary medicine personal statement in any shape or form! This will likely result in an immediate rejection from the UCAS application.

  • Try to avoid opening your veterinary personal statement with cliché quotes or funny comments – you must bear in mind that the university board reading the statement may have a different taste or humour to you and may disapprove of your opening.

Veterinary Medicine Personal Statement Structure

  • There is no set structure to the vet school personal statement. Each individual should write in a style that is comfortable and familiar to them. However, we will cover the most common topics in further detail below. There is no particular order in which you need to include the content within your veterinary medicine statement, write your paragraphs in a flow that suits your style of writing. You may wish to base your structure loosely on the following:

    • Introduction: Why you want to study Veterinary Medicine

    • Middle bulk: Academics, extra-curricular, charity and volunteer work, work experience, wider reading and research (read on below for further elaboration on these topics)

    • Conclusion: Summary of what makes you a good candidate to study medicine - be honest here, remember that you will likely be asked to expand on parts of your personal statement at interview.


  • The veterinary medicine personal statement will require multiple drafts, revisions and edits. Do not be disheartened by changing your statement. The more people you show it to, the better: show your family, teachers, tutors and even us here! All the different views and opinions will only serve to strengthen your statement, whether you choose to follow them or not.

  • Try to avoid vague statements that could apply to all courses – this does not show your passion for Veterinary Medicine and would deter universities from selecting you. From years of experience, our recommendation is that you choose one course and apply specifically for that – if it ends up being Veterinary Medicine, then that’s fantastic!


#3 Structure - The Veterinary Medicine Personal Statement


#4 Content - What To Include In Your Vet School Personal Statement


#5 Planning - How Do I Begin Planning My Vet Personal Statement?


#6 Opening & Ending - How To Open & End Effectively

#7 Mistakes - Common Veterinary Personal Statement Mistakes


#8 Examples - Veterinary Medicine Personal Statement Examples


#9 Example - Vet School Personal Statement Examples


#10 Tips - Tips From Ex-Interviewers On The Vet Personal Statement

To access the chapters above - please purchase one of the packages below. 

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