Vet Work Experience Abroad

Wondering if you can get vet work experience abroad? It's definitely worth looking into!

Where Can I Find Vet Work Experience Abroad?

There are a variety of volunteering centres that involve animal husbandry, and these would all count towards your work experience requirements for vet school. Companies such as GVI are great for arranging this, and you can filter by location/price/species. Also, if you have any personal contacts abroad, use them - this is one of the best and easiest ways to get vet work experience.

Will Vet Work Experience Abroad Help My Application?

Yes it will! That said, if you have paid money to travel abroad +/- participate in a volunteering scheme, then vet schools do have to take this into consideration as this opportunity may not be available to applicants from less privileged financial backgrounds. We recommend getting some work experience locally in addition to any placements abroad to balance this out.

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