How to Become a Veterinarian in the UK

So you want to be a vet? That's great - the next question is how!

Exams to Become a Veterinarian

Vet schools in the UK accept a number of qualifications - A Levels most commonly, but alternatives include the International Baccalaureate. We recommend checking vet school websites for individual grade/qualification websites.

Work Experience to Become a Veterinarian

Work experience is valuable not only for your own insight and understanding of Veterinary Medicine, but also for making a successful application to vet school. See our website for recommendations on how to go about doing this!

UCAS Application to Become a Veterinarian in the UK

You will apply to vet schools via UCAS - this will include your grades and a Personal Statement (see our website for advice on how to go about writing this).

Interviews to Become a Veterinarian in the UK

All vet schools in the UK currently interview, aside from Bristol. A strong performance here is essential - after you've aced the interview, then you'll secure your place in vet school!

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