How to Become a Big Animal Vet

Some students know before even applying to vet school that they want to work with big animals - for some this may mean working with farm animals, and for others it may mean working with horses.

How to Become a Big Animal Vet - Farm Animals

The term 'large animal vet' most commonly refers to farm vets, who will treat cows, sheep, pigs, llamas, alpacas and goats on a regular basis in the UK (to name the most common species). At vet school, you will study all of these species so when you graduate you will not have to do any additional qualifications to become a farm vet.

How to Become a Big Animal Vet - Equine (Horses)

To become an equine (horse) vet, you also won't require any qualifications additional to your Veterinary Medicine degree - horses are studies to a good level of detail at every vet school so you will be well equipped for a career as an equine vet.

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