Becoming a Vet Later in Life in the UK

Many people decide that they want to be a vet at a very young age, but this is not always the case! Others will not be successful at their first attempt at getting into vet school and others will decide to pursue Veterinary Medicine having had experience in another career first. Whatever your history, don't be put off applying later in life if becoming a vet is your dream!

Postgraduate Veterinary Medicine Degrees

Every UK vet school has a postgraduate veterinary medicine degree available, and some of these are 'accelerated' courses meaning that the degree is four years rather than five. This is a result of the first two years of study being combined into one year.

Postgraduate Veterinary Entry Requirements

Postgraduate entry requirements vary between vet schools, so we recommend checking their individual websites for advice on this. In general, a science Bachelor's degree of 2:1 or higher is a good place to start.

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